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Name Race(Gender) Class(Level)
Kallestra Human(F) Tempest Fighter(10th)
Ander Pequin Tiefling(M) War Wizard(9th)
Toox Changeling(M) Deceptive Warlock(8th)
Kentitus Half-Elf(M) Aerialist Rogue(9th)

About the Group

We are a group of 5 ex-pats living in Japan. Not only that, we are 5 Canadians living in Japan. Generally we play biweekly, though during our ample holidays we can play more frequently.

Riddleport and Beyond

Riddleport and Beyond This page will host the information on notable areas of not only Riddleport, but the various places the PCs have heard of and seen. Here the local hangouts, businesses and notable locations of Riddleport are described. Also, the locations the characters travel to outside of Riddleport as listed.

Legends & Lore

Legends & Lore This page contains the various stories and histories floating around the campaign. From myths of 10,000 year old Thassilon, to the legends of Riddleport’s greatest personae, to the more recent happenings in the city, this page is the place to go for a quick reference.

Deities & Demigods

Deities & Demigods Though some gods stand aloof from mortal affairs, others revel in playing with the fates of mortals. This page will contain the most common deities in the campaign world, as well as beings of near-god status who the PCs come into contact with.

Ancillary Antics

Ancillary Antics This page contains the lists from each game; who rolled the most 20s, who rolled the most 1s. Depending on the session, various other things may have been tracked and will show up here. For example; how many times Toox rolled a 4, or who was chossen for the bonus XP for role playing well, as decided by their peers. This page will change frequently as there is demand to add new things. Such as; the graveyard (for PCs, NPCs, and unique or interesting creatures who are DEAD), Unique campaign magical items, house rules, quotes of the session (though this may go to the Adventure log section), who won the Player vs. Player contest, and whatever else we want!

Main Page

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