Ander Pequin


Blood red skin and piercing black eyes from within the inn’s hearth force you to do a double take. This second look makes evident the two protruding horns holding up an intricate crown of gold.
While already intimidating in his compact stature, old scars and a charred staff hint that before you stands an arcane survivor of uncounted battles.
You get the impression that a berk would be foolish to invoke the wrath of this one.

STR 12 / CON 14 / DEX 16 / INT 20 / WIS 14 / CHA 18

AC 24

Staff of Fiery Might +1
Amulet of Protection +1
Boots of the Fencing Master
Crown of Infernal Legacy
Blood Cut Leather Armor +1


Ander Pequin

Riddleport Ascendant strerd