Riddleport Asecndant

Welcome to Riddleport!

About the Campaign

This campaign began about a year ago. It was my very first attempt at converting a 3.5 edition adventure into a 4th edition one.

However, literally as soon as we began to play, Riddleport took on a life of its own. Characters, places, and events criss-cross through the published setting, various stolen bits from all editions of D&D, and my own home-brewed ideas.

So now, what we have is something that resembles Pathfinder’s Second Darkness campaign, but at the same time is something very much our own.

Once a secret pirate haven, Riddleport has grown over the last three centuries into a port city in its own right. At first it served as a secure base from which to conduct raids against Chelish merchant vessels bound for Korvosa, but over time the city has expanded into a true settlement, the frontier’s frontier, the northernmost outpost on the lonely strip known as the Lost Coast. Yet while Riddleport has grown into a proper city, it remains true to its roots—you can get rich quick in Riddleport if you’ve got skill and a bit of luck, though for every Riddleport success story there are a dozen nameless bodies buried in potters’ fields or tossed to the hungry denizens of the sea.
Riddleport is located in a secluded, rocky harbor situated at the easternmost reaches of the Calphiak Mountains, where the meandering Velashu River meets the sea. Although the site was partially chosen for ease of defense (either from Chelish privateers or raiders from the Lands of the Linnorm Kings), the original settlers picked the site as much for its singular Thassilonian monument: the mysterious and intriguing arch known as the Cyphergate.

Riddleport Large City
Government nonstandard (titular overlord with multiple crimelords);
AL Unaligned
Demographics Population 13,300
Type mixed (77% human, 7% dwarf, 5% half-elf, 4% half-orc, 3% tiefling, 2% halfling, 1% gnome, 1% other)
Authority Figure Gaston Cromarcky, (Overlord of Riddleport)

Riddleport Ascendant

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